At Metaline Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Quality is not a slogan but a pledge; it is not inspection but assurance. We remain committed to ensure quality to our valuable customers who have trusted Metaline. We leave no stones unturned in meeting with delivery requirements and continuous quality upgradation. Our consistency and stringent quality assurance are perceptible from the high-performance rating received from our customers.


We guarantee compliance to our quality manufacturing policy by fulfilling the following objectives:

·             To improve the average set-up time from 90% or better

·    To achieve rejection rates in single digit PPM

·    To achieve just-in-time (JIT) up to 100% 

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We constantly seek highest quality standards and strive to improve customer’s reliance and satisfaction by creating systems and deploying teams to ensure meeting standard requirements. Our strategy includes consistently maintaining reputation of the company by meeting and exceeding customer expectations on every occasion.  


Backed by the latest technology, we are committed towards quality output to ensure precise quality control requirements. Technological experts and quality inspectors carry out rigorous checks at various stages of production, with the help of inspection gauges and fixtures, for assembly workers in order to maintain smooth production flow. The material is checked before and after the production to ensure the standard quality requirement. Furthermore, we give training to our human resource on monthly basis in order to achieve “Kaizen” and maintain the satisfactory level of our OEM Customers.  

Shipping Quality Audit

Our Quality Gates (Pre-delivery Inspection), comprising of associate engineers and mechanical engineers, who check and verify each part and components of the product by conducting a complete dimensional audit to guarantee compliance according to our customer unique requirements.   

Part & Process Audit

Auditing of our processes and products is grounded on Product Quality Control Table (PQCT) and its Drawings. The PQCT includes 4M’s: Man, Machine, Method and Material, which provides guideline for our auditors to inspect our products. The auditing takes place three times a day at every stage of production. The MARU A part’s dimensions are checked every ten parts per lot through visual checking and using tools, jigs and fixtures. The PQCT helps identify the common defects that may occur in a product. Furthermore, we also conduct an audit of our suppliers. Our quality department make regular visits to our vendors to evaluate their process and audit their systems..   


The calibration service is implemented in-house according to the quality policy and is carried out for all product ranges, tools, equipment and machines. There are three different methods for quality check for products.

These include:

·       Visual Checking

·       Using Gauge and Jigs

·       Using Faro Arm and Scanner and Vernier caliper

Subsequently, our tools, equipment and machines are also calibrated through Faro Arm to gain maximum quality results. In addition to this, we also outsource calibration of some of our tools and equipment. 

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Metaline provides in-house lab testing facilities available in Quality and Development Department. These tests include:

·       Endurance Test

·       Contamination Test

·       Paint Test

·       Seam Welding Test

·       Spot Welding

·        Nut & Bolt Projection Welding

Failure Mode & Effective Analysis (FMEA)

A cross-functional team consisting of our managers from different departments such as Development Department, Quality Department and Production Department make presumptions of errors that might occur during the development phase of products and determine their failure modes, effects and causes. FMEA is applied to all manufacturing, assembly, handling, transportation and other processes where a failure can affect the quality of the product. The criteria of severity, occurrence and detection are decided as per their effects

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