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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Metaline has played a vital role in contributing to the economic development as well as the society since its inception in 1983. It contributes in improving the lifestyle of the workforce and their families as well as the general public. The company realizes its social responsibility; therefore, has been upfront in providing medical facilities, education fees, donations and charity to the community.

Meezan Trust

Metaline owns a trust by the name “Meezan Trust” through which it provides financial aid to the underprivileged. It is funded by the profits earned by the company. The objective of Meezan Trust is to financially support people and reduce poverty by promoting education. For instance, we lend a hand to people facing a loss of life in the family. We also give provision to people for having marriage ceremony.

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Environmental Protection

The company believes in environmental sustainability and promote all those actions which lead to sustainable development. We aim to protect the environment and eliminate the effects of increasing global warming by planting large number of trees in different areas of the city. We plan to reduce the deficiency of environmental and personal health and make our environment green in order to encourage unpolluted and hygienic air.

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Medical Facilities

When it comes to serving people, Metaline is always one step ahead! We believe that everyone should have access to medical facility regardless of their financial background. Likewise, Healthcare and safety are the primary focus of the company. We are committed to take care of our workforce health and protection; hence, we provide medical services inhouse through our own clinic. However, this facility is not only limited to Metaline workforce, but also to the general public.

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Metaline believes that education is the primary step that leads to a better lifestyle and sustainable living. Education has a strong correlation with social and economic development and contributes vast to the nation. In Lieu of the above, we encourage and promote education by helping needful people pay for their institution fees, books, stationary and other equipment such as laptop.

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Corporate Social Responsibility to Stakeholder

Metaline has social responsibilities towards its stakeholders as well. We realize that stakeholders directly affect the performance of the business, therefore take special care with regards to satisfying their needs, expectations and interests. Stakeholders of Metaline include customers, suppliers, employees and community. 

Customers and Suppliers

In Metaline, customers and suppliers hold the highest priority. We are committed to provide our customers with standard products in order to maintain their trust and loyalty. We treat our customers with high regard and value their reviews as they lead us to improvement in our products and services.
Similarly, as suppliers’ decisions affect the marketing and business aspects, thus we respect our suppliers and operate in a win-win situation to ensure mutual benefit between both parties.

Kaizen Activity

Metaline practices Kaizen Activity to continuously upgrade its process and quality. Kaizen also helps us stay updated with the changing environment simultaneously fulfilling the challenging demands of our customers.
Metaline holds its ground only due to its loyal customers and trusted suppliers.

Training program

Apart from this, we believe that continuous improvements lead to outclass performance, therefore, we send our staff for training programs in different countries to enhance their skills and knowledge. These countries include Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

Human Resource

Employees hold the second highest priority in Metaline as they go extra mile in keeping the company functioning. Decisions by employees directly affect the performance of the company, hence, each idea and opinion is valued and given high appreciation in our company. We highly praise and reward our employees for proposing ideas that result in positive outcomes.

Apart from this, we maintain equality and unity among our workforce. We highly discourage discrimination regarding religion, color, race or background. Henceforth, designations from a Chief Executive to Line workers are treated with respect and dignity.